Sold Horses
Dustypolly's 2007 colt ( Flash )
Has had 5 weeks training at
Running R QH.Good minded, easy
to catch, Honest  and Friendly. Well
Started been around lots of kids and
will be ridden by my 10 year old for
4H this year. Flash will be an
excellent Family horse and will be a
grows up.
Congratulations to The Winkler
Family on your purchase of Flash.
HQH Fancy Jamie (Fancy )has had
one month of training in 2009, then
was consigned to the Rocking W
sale .She was expecting a 2010 foal
from Fritz..
Congratulations to Polluck Farms,
Charlettown P.E. I. on your
purchase of Fancy
Sonnys Feature roses filly  (Shes an
in your back pocket ) kind of horse.
one month prof. training currently , is
intelligent and willing.  Going to be
Congratulations to M & J  
Solanos Blue Ace
Sonny Feature roses colt.
Congratulations to M & J Blair on your
purchase of COOKIES Full Brother.
Solanos Maple Bar Baby Blue
Tallys 2010 filly, long legs on her.
She is gentle and kind. This  
combination has proven to be
Congratulations Suzanne on your
Purchase of Solanos Maple Bar
RRR Solanos Zan Cody
Quite a neat horse with a lot
of character. Has had 2
months at Running R
training. Great stops and
lead changes on this all
purpose family horse.
Congratulations A Braun
on your purchase of Cody.
Oakie Dokie Pokie
Poconoaks 2010  Bay Roan gelding
This Colts loaded with character,
playful, highly intelligent, friendly and
of course going to be a head turner.
Congratulations Christie on your
purchase of Okie Dokie Pokie
Dusty Polly
Well built little mare with an
easy going personality.  
Produces  great all purpose
and family horses that are
extremely honest and
intelligent. Usually with a bit
of color and a super solid

MJ Black bee Chex
She was consigned to the Rocking W
Horse was bred for a 2011 foal.
Solanos Catalyst Sorrel
2011 gelding This gelding is
going to be a great all steady
eddie disposition and a great
bone structure. Hes
members. He will be able to
handle a larger rider and a
long hard days work.
Sold Congratulations Daniele
Loves chasing the young bulls around. Has  
talent and agility
 but the disposition of a
family horse. This colt  will shine when  
working with cattle and will give his 110 %.
Sold Congratulations Daniele
We want to congratulate all our buyers and
thank you for all your wonderful comments.
We wish you all the best and are always
She is doing well on  ground manners.  She is following without a lead  and learning
ground tying.  She has had a blanket and saddle tied around her as well as harness's
and even pulled
Hi Myra,
Just thought I would let you know that I did have a road trip with Chili and he was great.  
We picked up another friend's horse and went to an indoor arena.  We played a bit in the
arena then I got on him and just sat for a while.  Then my friend walked around and he
friend's horse was rearing and freaking out about loading.
He is looking so beautiful and shiny now.  I love how his coat keeps changing.  Last
month, the lighter he got the more I loved it and now the darker it gets the better it looks.  
What a fun color.
Thanks Myra. Lily is doing great. She
looks so good. She is so big
already..beautiful temperament. She is
very friendly and follows my daughter
around like a puppy is so cute.
Solanos Golden Bar Baby Blue Tallys
Congrats Karen
Docs Willow Catalyst
Sold Congratulations Kaitlynn
Just wanted to let you know that
Willow is doing fabulous! She is
a wonderful little filly.
We are able to touch/brush her
all of the shop/barn….etc.
She follows us all over and is so
relaxed most of the time.
She comes pretty much as soon
as K goes into the field and
accepts her halter.  
I am sure they will have a
wonderful relationship.
Solanos Zan Lena
Congratulations to the
This is Lena as a yearling,
Thank-you for this wonderful
SR Instant Takeoff
Congratulations Gaby on new horse Speedo
Hey Myra,
He was awesome! Not one disappointment.  Today
is so hot that I just wet his legs a bit with the hose, for
the second time he was really good! And yes I slept in
the barn it wasn't cold at all though ! :P every time i
leave the barn he starts trotting back and forth, is that
a good thing? Lol I touched the fence by accident
today.. It hurt. But I'd like to thank you again for
suggesting speedo when we were looking for a foal!
Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone loves him!
Bought two, one yearlings. Very excited about the next steps. The horses are calm,
training begins. Myra has been very kind to us. She continues to be available for
information and advice. Its been a very good experience
Solanos Won Us Money
This is Shyla and her 2006 Fritz X
Dusty Polly mare.

Congratulations on winning the
Canadian College break-away roping
comments = We own a peppy sans daughter from your place.  Chipmunk,  she is a
million dollar pony.  I bought her as a 5 year old for my 6 year old daugher who is now
Keep up the good work, fab horse.
2010 chestnut mare
2011 Bay gelding Smoothest loper we've
had. Hes going to be a great dressage
Congratulations Devon
Lil Smart Choice  
Grey 2010 gelding by Smart
Ole Doc, Grandson of
Little Lena
and Doc's Hickory.
! SOLD Congratulations
Don, Moosomin SK.
Peppy High Brows
2011 colt out of
Miss Col High Brow
Sold to Rusty Spur Ranch in
New Liskeard, Northern
Hi Myra ,
We went to and indoor last
night  and got my first ride on
Peppy. He is everything you
said he was and everything I
hoped he would be. Rides so
well takes everything in stride
nothing bothers him. extremily
athletic and likes to work.
I really like his demeanor and
Thanks again for everything
and great job in breeding,
raising and training such
quality quarter horses.

Jewels ofa
2013 Colt out of Sara
Sold Congratulations
2013 Bay filly out of
Instant Sweetheart.
Sold Congratulations