(Larry-Boy) Solanos Baby Blue
Baby Blue Tallys's 2007 colt
Never a buck and his young owner is
going to be taking him places!!! ! Hes
been started with reining training and
then he did pasture checking and trail
rides, 4 H and cattle work of all kinds. He
has always kept our girl safe!  Used  for a
lesson Horse, Baby sitter and  yep and
he was only 2 then. Nothings an issue
with this guy
.  Great attitude and great
personality  with his head screwed on
straight. A perfect match for our daughter
and wow is he ever cowwwwy!
Rthree Feature Fritz
Sonny Feature rose's 2007
Hes one of those that tell's you
hes special the day he was
born. At 2 yrs old he was acting
like a mature 10 yr old, Hes
been introduced to reining
training, has done 4-H, pasture
checking, sorting,  trails and lots
of lessons with beginners and a
little exposure to roping. Park
him for a month an pick up right
where you left off. Every one
who rides him loves him and
wants one just like him
. Its with
heavy hearts we laid him to rest.
He will be missed always!
Holly Hickorys Hope 2011 colt
Peppery Hickory Chip
This spectacular colt stood out from the crowd, so
respectful and quite. We decided to keep him for our
youngest daughter.  Can't believe how much he looks
like his sire,  with his stunning good looks and
temperament, he's definitely a Chip off the Old Bock!  
Such a great minded gelding with a bit of spunk for
good measure.