Miss Col High Brow
Baby Blue Tally
Zans Silver Spur
Aholidocs Anna RX
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Hollyjacs Lady
Holly Hickorys Hope
Taris lil Eagle
High Brow Hickory
Col Bill Lena
SR instant Choice &
Sweet Country Run
Mitos Big Step &
Zan ParMoon
Holidoc &
Hickorys Lena Badger
Princess Shyanna
Tally The Gold &
Baby Blue Shoes
Dolls Union Jac
Dont Miss Holly
Lockin Oak
Abbie Blackburn
Taris Catalyst
Pawnee Topper
Instant Sweetheart
We would like to introduce our new" Up and Comers"

Sweet Hickory Rain
Sire - Solanos Peppy Fritz, Dam - Instant Sweeheart

Freckled High Brows
Sire - Solanos Peppy Fritz, Dam - Miss Col HIgh Brow

Peppy Hollywood Doll
Sire - Solanos Peppy Fritz, Dam - Hollyjacs Lady

Taris Freckled Cat
Sire - Cattin Playboy, Dam - Taris Lil Eagle